7*Stern Flohmarkt by RahatLook.: 70s-00s Vintage Sale - WARDA 20220904
Events Wien: 7*Stern Flohmarkt by RahatLook.: 70s-00s Vintage Sale

4. September 2022

  • Beginn:12:00

7*Stern Flohmarkt by RahatLook.: 70s-00s Vintage Sale

Cafe 7Stern

Siebensterngasse 19, 1070 Wien


Every month in Cafe 7stern, RahatLook. brings you carefully selected and high-quality pieces from the past decades.
🌈The philosophy and drive behind the RahatLook. vintage shop is to make Vienna as colorful as possible with the greatest variety of fashion styles.
Besides thrifting in Vienna, we went to Italy and to Bosnia and Herzegovina where we hand-picked the most unique and finest pieces to provide you with the best authentic style this autumn.
🍀Each piece has a story, each is made at least 30 years ago from the finest and most exquisite materials, stitched together by workers in factories across Europe, meaning- these clothes have a particularly good energy and indestructible character compared to today’s clothing production.
💎What to expect?
• More than 500+ handpicked vintage clothes from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 00s
• Sustainable and ethical clothing
• Big selection of brands
• Menswear & womenswear in all sizes & styles
• Clothing made of quality materials: silk, denim, viscose, leather
• Accessories: hats, big bags, waist bags, scarfs, jewelry, belts
• Best price you’ll ever find
Pimp your style and make sure you are the only person in the room wearing these timeless pieces of art from the groovy 70s, oversized and colorful 80s & 90s, or the provocative 00s.
• Good vibezzz only
💎Opening hours
Saturday and Sunday: 12:00 – 18:00
♻In the fight to save our planet, we ask you to BYOB (bring.your.own.bag) to this event! ♻
💎Find more about us:
IG: @_rahatlook_
Website: www.rahatlook.com 

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