Ben Howard // Arena Open Air // Vienna - WARDA 20230706
Events Wien: Ben Howard // Arena Open Air // Vienna

6. Juli 2023

  • Beginn:17:30

Ben Howard // Arena Open Air // Vienna

Arena Wien

Baumgasse 80, 1030 Wien



Seit fünf Jahren endlich wieder auf Tour.
Das feiern wir gerne zusammen mit dem Künstler in der ARENA WIEN – OPEN AIR!
Tickets ab Fr., 24. März 2023, 10.00 uhr

Since British musician Ben Howard released his triple platinum debut album, Every Kingdom back in 2011, much has changed.. Musically, Ben now operates largely in a world and sound of his own making, as adept with an acoustic as he is with the electronics that have peppered and punctuated his recordings across four distinctive chapters.
A decade since that debut album was released, 2021’s fourth album, ‘Collections From The Whiteout’, debuted at #1 in the UK album chart (Ben’s second chart- topping record after 2014’s I Forget Where We Were), and as he puts the finishing touches to album five, it’s exciting to hear the next chapter and some new material from the stage.
A gripping live performer, Ben and his expansive band have been described as ‘spellbinding, transcendental even’ by The Times. It’s a mesmerising, intense and powerful live show.
As one of the UK’s most enthralling songwriters and guitarists, Ben’s fierce desire to operate in and out of the shadows make both his music and live shows a rare but vital proposition.

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