Kodama & Masters Of Puppets pres. Kodama`s 9th Anniversary - WARDA 20221007
Events Wien: Kodama & Masters Of Puppets pres. Kodama`s 9th Anniversary

7. Oktober 2022

  • Beginn:22:00

Kodama & Masters Of Puppets pres. Kodama`s 9th Anniversary


Marktstraße 13, 2331 Vösendorf


After a long and nice summer, which we hope all of you spent amazingly, Kodama and Masters of Puppets invite you to Club Exil, Marktstrasse 13, Vösendorf, Vienna for
—-Kodamas 9th Anniversary–2 Stages–9 Performers–Psychedelic Music—-
–2 Decoteams–3D Projection Mapping–Lambda Labs QX3–Shopping Area–Chill & Chai–
Hold on to your heads, Freaks!
Lev G. aka Kindzadza, world famous all time legend of psychedelic music and founding member of legendary Osom Records, last seen in Austria 3 years ago, is finally back to spoil us with the finest psychedelic tunes of his repertoire for a whole 4 hours!
MENTALECHO (Blackout Records) *New Album 2 Hours Live
Bernardo F., aka Mentalecho,
internationally celebrated hitech composer, audiophile and resident at Masters of Puppets Festival, (also our favourite Indiana Jones Imposter), is making his way from Portugal to lift you into the highest spheres, presenting his new album “Heteronimo”, full of fresh melodic hitech and psychedelic tunes.
South African Multidisciplinary creative, Jonathan C., aka Pastor John. Producer and co-owner at Zulutunes, Creative Director, street artist and Noise lover, is making his way to Austria for the first time since 2019 to bless us with razor sharp leads and pumping baselines of the (un)holy kind. Amen.
Phillip S. aka Philoso, known for the very successful Insane Vision Events, that lasted for more than 15 years and have inspired a generation, member of Masters of Puppets Team and member of Kamino Records, who is also looking back on more than a decade of djing international dance floors at an extraordinary quality, is finally coming back to Vienna to celebrate with us and give us a taste of his art.
Microdot, the Dj Project of Michael N., who is also one of the composers behind the live Project Filterheads, one of the founding members of 24/7 Records and longtime resident dj of Masters Of Puppets, flattening international dance floors on and in front of stage for more than a decade, is well known for outstanding arrangement, mix and selection of pumping psychedelic and hitech music that will take you away for good.
TROMO (Sonic Loom Music) 1st time in Austria
Jannis S. aka Tromo, state of the art psychedelic music producer from Greece, long time member of Sonic Loom Music and also known as one of the composers behind the live Project Quadraphonics is coming to Austria for the first time to take us an a trip through our minds with crunchy baselines and acoustical landscapes of another world.
Erich C. aka Chudl, founding member of Kodama and Masters of Puppets, member of Banyan Records, among the minds behind the Kodamastage and Kodama Events in Vienna and seen on international stages and dance floors for more than a decade now, is taking a one night break from changing diapers, exclusively to celebrate Kodamas 9th anniversary and spoil us with his latest creations, mixed with an on point selection of psychedelic forest music.
Sabine W., aka Sabsunshine, founding member of Soundlab Pirates and an all time supporter of Masters of Puppets, has made an international reputation for incredible arrangements, selection and mix of crunchy psychedelic forest music for more than a decade now. We are looking forward to her one of a kind empathy for the crowd, always pulling the right strings to make this memorable night even more special.
SHAMANIAK (Banyan Records / Shipibo Sounds) Live / Dj
Michael M., aka Shamaniak, founding member of Shipibo Sounds, resident DJ at Kodama and Masters Of Puppets Events, found around international dancefloors and stages for as long as we can tell, is making his way to us from the far lands of lower austria, to celebrate Kodama`s birthday and make this memorable night even more worthwhile showing off his remarkable mixing skills on a solid selection of partly self composed psychedelic forest tunes.
Creative Multitalents Felix E. M.-M. und Nino C. aka Illuminalien Deco Concepts, the hard working masterminds behind our Ragestage and the whole creative and setup team, are wellknown for their groundbreaking interdisciplinary psychedelic art that they exhibited at international Festivals, not to mention countless indoor events for the last decade. be prepared for psychedelic eyecandy of the other kind.
Interdisciplinary Multimedia Artist Anton I. aka Verticon Decoration, former member of ESDA Decorations and the Mastermind that planned and created Masters of Puppets Kodamastage design since 2019, has a long history of interdisciplinary creative activity and art exhibition at international festivals and countless indoorparties. we are mindblown by the latest designs and are curious where he is going to take us with them this time.
Both Decoteams have also collaborated with some of their friends in creating the unique and permanent Multimediainstallations at the Bars in Club Exil and have enhanced the special character of the venue extraordinarily.
——————————————3D Projection Mapping—————————————
The one of a kind 3D Projection mapping wizards of Spektrum, namely Lukas Dikany aka Lumalux 3D Mapping, Markus Kautz aka Spirit Society Visuals and Xaver Hopfgartner aka Lightwave Zero, that have already blown our minds this year at Masters of Puppets Festival and last year at Shorttrips 2021, are back and prepared to take you to an unprecedented dimension of visual perception.
Handmade and unique Artwear, fashion and Jewellry by master tailor, fashion designer and upcycling artist Laura G. Buy there or order custom, but make sure to take a look, its well worth it.
Atype sells professional self made juggling equipment of unique design, make sure not to miss out on them!
There is a limited amount of Masters of Puppets 2022 Hoodies and t-shirts available, grab them while they are hot, they will be gone quickly.
Handbrewed Tea and Coffee, selfmade Cake and Energy-Balls for your pleasure.
—————————————-Venue, Damage, Rules:——————————————-
we are happy to, for the first time, host an event at the uniquely designed and newly established home of the Viennese Underground Music Culture, ready to hold up to 1500 happy people comfortably:
Club Exil, Marktstrasse 13,
Public Transport:
U6 Siebenhirten or Badnerbahn Ketzergasse
15 Euro + oeticketfee,
erhältlich an allen Oet9icketverkaufstellen und online
Link: https://www.oeticket.com/…/kodamas-9th-anniversary…/
(limited to 300 tickets)
Presale auch erhältlich im Aurinshop,
Kirchengasse 25 , Wien 1070, AT
AT THE GATE: 20 Euro
admission strictly from 18, no racism, no sexism, no violence, no arms, respect the staff, security and location, look out for one another and have a lot of fun ❤

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