NeBuchadneZzar - WARDA 20240301
Events Wien: NeBuchadneZzar<Sound_Project 23>

1. März 2024

  • Beginn:22:00

Array Tekno


Na Nang Club Vienna

Hernalser Hauptstraße 21 / 1170 Wien


<DarkFoRest23> + AlterNaTivA_Soundsystem (CZ) want´s to invite you—> to break out togehter!>
WE ARE here together, to kick the poeple out of the Matrix!
The Destination of the Battle will be directly the Club-Floor!
There, normaly try’s to start the „Matrix“ with her „Mainstream- Program“ to start fuck up the kreativity + subculture, where the the real sound art cames from!
At this location normaly <The Matrix> trys to set a program in your head, that influence’s your Perception…
We want to give you a little feeling of anarchy, in your mind and your ears!
WE have enought „red pillz“ and real sound skillz for ya!
We want to hack your musical sence and pull you out of the illusory world of the Sound-Matrix > the Mainstream.
To start a program, to show you a different + parallel living Destination->where you can find the real Spirit of a free anarchistic space to grow and make party together.
We have nearly „No RuLeS“ in here if you are ready to handle that, youre welcome to stay and create together.
Only a few social policity’s to navigate through the power of this little temporary autonomous zone, we want to create—> for the free spirits we are all really are:
<Peaceful interaction>
<Dont take what’s not your’s>
<live your individual freedome to the max—> but please stay aware an respect the boarder’s of freedome/comfortzone of your next>
<Stay together>
<sexism we dont need > No means No>
<support your next, if you can help > YOU are the Party>
<Hide like an Assassin what WE have to hide together, from the „Agent Smith’s“ Programs;-) >
All the rest of our collektive Rave-Experience in this time window, we can create together completely FREE in consultation with each other!
So join us, and together we can break the Cage we are created by ourselfs because of this Matrix-system outside.
<From the hidden Soundsystem-Subculture „with Love“ straight out the underground>
-> follow the 23, like the White Rabbit!
Line up:
-Alternativa_Soundsystem /CZ/
Acts: DJ Set’s and Live Act’s
– MeDoKo -> DJ Set (Controller)
– FuER live (Analog/Digital) -> Mental Tribe
– Metadone live „MTDN“ (Digital) Acidcore Mental
All livesets are „DAWless liveset“.
(Means no PC only machines,
like Roland MC 707, Roland TR8s, Roland MX1, Akai MPX8, Korg electribe 2, Sherman filterbank 2, Elektron analog four
Start of the breakthrough session 22:00-?
<>surreal decoration to trip<>
Entry 10.-
ALTERNATIVA FREE TEKNO = a sound system based in Czech republic since 2005, they organise underground partys and generally „free space“ + create and produce different subculture music styles, with tools and hardware like: Roland Tr8s, MC 707, TB-3, MX-1, SHERMANN filterbank 2, Korg, electribe 2 ,akai mpx8, Elektron analog four, Korg E2, MPX 8 etc..
„free party is not crime“
feel free to contact us for cooperation

Ride with us!

Immer gut unterwegs mit unserem WARDA CREWSLETTER!