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Events Wien: Psychedelic Punsch & Mushroom Workshop

17. Dezember 2022

  • Beginn:18:00

Psychedelic Punsch & Mushroom Workshop

Sagedergasse 18

Sagedergasse 18, 1120 Wien


Dear Community,
We are more than excited to announce that we now have our own place: a psychedelic homebase for vienna. This event will be the first to give you a glance into our new location.
Beginning at 18h we will have some psychedelic news followed by a detailed and ground-up look at how to grow all sorts of mushrooms using spores. Mushrooms are one of the most diverse and interesting organisms on this planet, more closely related to humans than to plants. Their usefulness goes way beyond psychedelic exploration and touches all aspects of human life. So if you ever wondered how to grow your own, this evening will be for you.
After this we have some good music and punsch prepared, celebrating a little christmas party. Feel free to stay, connect and share some good conversations with likeminded people.
Since the location is still a work-in-progress we want to use that day to ask for donation items. So if you feel extra „christmas“ this year and want to contribute to our cause we will be more than grateful. From Goa-tapestries, chairs or any psychedelic related decoration or artwork, everything helps. Next year there will be an offical launch event for the place.
Much love,
We do not provide any illegal substances nor do we allow for the distribution or consumption on our events. Please keep that in mind to support us.
Our only concern is to provide high quality information and safety guidelines about psychedelic substances.

Ride with us!

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