PU$$¥ X+ | a drag rave goes sexpositive - WARDA 20230617
Events Wien: PU$$¥ X+ | a drag rave goes sexpositive

17. Juni 2023

  • Beginn:22:00

PU$$¥ X+ | a drag rave goes sexpositive

Das Werk

Spittelauer Lände - Stadtbahnbogen 331, 1090 Wien


PU$$¥ X+ | a drag rave goes sexpositive
ANANAS x Werk | pride truck afterparty
17.06.23 | 22:00 – 06:00 || Das WERK

techno + drag performances
techno belongs in the club, drag belongs on the stage. if there is a stage in the club, there is no reason not to combine both. the event series PU$$¥ by the viennese collective ANANAS makes just that possible, offering something for all senses and every creature of the night.

TICKETS: ntry.at/pussy006
more information on our Telegram channel: bit.ly/ANANAStelegram
having a ticket is no entrance guarantee
having the right attitude is

ANANAS Awareness
come as you are and dance with us the whole night || we want to create a safer space for everyone || to ensure this we need a few rules:
respect the location and the people around you
no photo policy || cell phones will be taped off
no tolerance for sexism, transphobia, racism, homophobia or hate of any kind
if you’re affected or witness something don’t hesitate to inform the crew, our awareness team or any of us
we would like to stress that this is a tolerance party. Dress code = your code. Wear whatever you want (or not), dress to impress (yourselves).

Karolina Trembecka (ANANAS)

Ride with us!

Immer gut unterwegs mit unserem WARDA CREWSLETTER!