Shake it & Break it - Summer Special! - WARDA 20230707
Events Wien: Shake it & Break it – Summer Special!

7. Juli 2023

  • Beginn:15:00

Shake it & Break it - Summer Special!

Himmel und Wasser

Steinspornbrücke 1, 1220 Wien, Austria


Shake it & Break it Summer Special!
Wingz (Overview)
AudioDevice (Contrast / 25 yrs Synergetic)
Azura (1985 Music Mentorship Program / EQ50)
Interference (Reverse)
Jay Rome (Blu Saphir)
Menace (City Warriors)
Mike Underground (Vienna Rave’olution)
Mjane (Upd8e)
Roony (Bass Cave)
Sarah Allen (Amikal)
Tyldak (Shake it & Break it)
DaKindl (Shake it & Break it)
Tehace (Shake it & Break it)
We are back with our next summer special @Himmel und Wasser, this time we again have amazing acts for you and a lot of groovy sets all day and all night !
Start: 16:00

How to get there
U2 Donaustadtbrücke,
-> 92B: Raffineriestr./Biberhaufenweg
(every 15 min. 5 min. travel time)
-> on foot from U2, out of town to Steinspornbrücke,
approx. 25 min.
U1 Kaisermühlen,
-> 92B Raffineriestr./Biberhaufenweg,
(every 15 min. 15min travel time)
U1 & U2
->92A to Biberhaufenweg
(and then from Biberhaufenweg a bit of a walk – 15 min)
or by bike
simply cycle along the Danube Island in the direction of
Ölhafen Lobau.

Ride with us!

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