Step Forward pres. Partiboi69 - WARDA 20240202
Events Wien: Step Forward pres. Partiboi69

2. Februar 2024

  • Beginn:23:00

Array Techno

Step Forward pres. Partiboi69

Grelle Forelle

Spittelauer Lände 12, 1090 Wien


Mutual pleasure will come upon us all, for the Prophet himself, the sensational Partiboi69, will join us on February 2nd at Vienna’s techno-temple Grelle Forelle!
Brace yourselves because we promise a night that will go down in history!
The kitchen will be all red since it’s hosted by RCLUB COLA ROT who’s only female lineup including Chaya, Shady MF & Emilylol will draw you into their world like Alice was drawn to the wonderland.
The main stage will be completed by Ice Scholle and DJ Lelo, the radiant knights of Radiorudina, who know exactly how to keep you dancing without a break until the first light of dawn.
You’ll leave the party with best memories and new friends, but that’s not all: Studio Steroid will have a gift ready for you and who doesn’t love a great gift?
Doors open at 11pm. There will be enough tickets at the door.

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