Techno Kitchen Vol. 7 - WARDA 20230909
Events Wien: Techno Kitchen Vol. 7

9. September 2023

  • Beginn:13:00

Techno Kitchen Vol. 7


Museumsplatz 1, Wien


Welcome to Techno Kitchen, the community challenge for future companions!
Visionary chefs, farmers, producers, wine makers, fermenters, wild plant and taste experts ally with adventurous artists and electronic musicians in the spirit of tomorrow’s ecology, human and non-human solidarity.
We roam the forests and meadows to experience the amazing taste of plants, roots and mushrooms, we dig into permaculture and alternative forms of farming, we cook, eat, dance and drink, we turn the tables on to experience how our future might taste, smell, look and sound!
Our recipes, sounds and images are made to inspire you to create your own vision of tomorrow. Join the Techno Kitchen Community!
Streaming live from the summer stage of Museumsquartier Wien.
This time with live podium discussions with our chefs, farmers and wine producers
DJ Line from 1 pm
Kollektiv Ost-West
Danny Murano
On the Stove: Cucina Alchimia
On the Decks: VAL EBM
your hosts: Inessa Contessa, Tomas Zierhofer See less

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