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Events Wien: Tender Matter Presents: Lila Tirando a Violeta (UY), Evil Medvěd (SC/CZ), Guta! (HU)

1. Januar 1970

Tender Matter Presents: Lila Tirando a Violeta (UY), Evil Medvěd (SC/CZ), Guta! (HU)


U-Bahnbogen 37, 1080 Wien


Uruguayan music producer Lila Tirando a Violeta is known all over the world for her inscrutable and flexible sonic palette. From vaporwave to latin club, hard techno to electro pop, Lila’s music shows an ability to synthesize and transform an infinite range of influences while still remaining true to her core songwriting abilities.
In 2020, her album ‘Limerencia’ was released by the world renowned label NAAFI, receiving accolades from fans of cutting edge music worldwide, including a mention as one of the best electronic albums of the year by Bandcamp. Ever prolific with her solo work, she still finds time to collaborate with the world’s top talent, such as IDM wizard Loraine James and the venerable Houndstooth label, all the while continuing her highly acclaimed A.M.I.G.A performance art project.
With mixes for FACT, XLR8R, KEXP, Crack Magazine, Rinse FM, plus installations for MUTEK and a plethora of online performances, Lila continues to stay busy while adapting to the reality of the current state of the world.
Evil Medvěd is a musician based in Prague who performs mostly through improvisation, enjoying coincidence and creating live. His fresh and raw sounds take us to his personal, playful and cute world of various beats and never ending energy. He is a volunteer at Synth Library Prague, hosts a radio show on Internet Public Radio, and was part of SHAPE Platform year 2021.
Metallic basslines, unsettling robot choirs, trance kicks and Hungarian polyrhythmics slice the air, Guta!’s mixes weave a unique world into sound. An obsessive hobbyist with little connection to traditional DJing, they are inspired by regional folklore, worker and choir culture, and new club music. Exciting transitions and rare selections are to be expected.
„Guta! creates a myth of dancing, crafting
arpeggiated angles from rural, queer life“
– Radio Benska
Graphic design by Nufolklore Studio
“PicNic” type by Marielle Nils at Velvetyne Foundry
Supported by Stadt Wien Kultur 

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