Toby Whyle (live) // B.Visible & H∆NN∆ x D!ZZY – hosted by FAQ - WARDA
Events Wien: Toby Whyle (live) // B.Visible & H∆NN∆ x D!ZZY – hosted by FAQ

3. August 2022

  • Beginn:22:00

Toby Whyle (live) // B.Visible & H∆NN∆ x D!ZZY – hosted by FAQ

Vestibül (Burgtheater)

Universitätsring 2, Wien


Toby Whyle
Writing songs has always been quite natural and ever-present in Toby Whyle’s life. And he’s written plenty of them over the last decade. However, what’s new is the realisation that songwriting is one of his few means to slow down the bright and fast-paced world surrounding us. Driven by the urge to create and develop something new, he started to write again. And suddenly, this feeling of being able to pause time came out more intense and immediate than ever. In this way, the singer, songwriter, and guitarist manages to stand back from the constant rush, carving out space to move freely at his own pace. “Each song is an empty room, and I can decide for myself how I’m going to furnish it. It might get rather chaotic with stuff piled up to the ceiling, then again there’s almost nothing in it.”
Viennese producer B.Visible is always pushing his craft forward with each concept being an evolution. His music is mutating organically as each project brings novelty but always while blending sharp electronic components with dusty acoustic layers. That duality exists in every aspect of his creative journey with DJ sets revolving around second-hand records and modern-day productions but also his live project offering a whole new dimension and generosity to the audience. B.Visible melts the barrier between analog and digital in a such distinctive and elegant way that it feels natural.
HipHop, paired with eclecticism and the unusual is the trademark of H∆NN∆ x D!ZZY. Their hawker’s tray of genres often includes unheard gems and oddities from faraway lands, plus plenty of beats and bass. Combined with their energetic stage presence, this always results in a unique club experience.
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