Unlocked | Grelle Forelle Reopening - WARDA 20210702
Events Wien: Unlocked | Grelle Forelle Reopening

2. Juli 2021

  • Beginn:23:00

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Unlocked | Grelle Forelle Reopening

Grelle Forelle

Spittelauer Lände 12, 1090 Wien


Presale tickets are only valid for the specific time slots (23:00-00:00 & 00:00-01:00). If you come late you will lose your ticket (no refund!) and be denied entry. All guests must present one of the 3gs (genesen/getested/geiimpfed) in order to gain access to the club. Antigen tests are allowed (no home tests) All presale tickets are sold out. Entry is one way! There will be no Box Office
Day 1_ VVK: ntry.at/unlocked1
Main: Alex Maurer / Aida Arko / DLV
Kitchen: Hosted By Sinus
Мир / Dzc. / dRob / Manuel Grün
Day 2_VVK: ntry.at/unlocked2
Main: Grace Shella / Gerald VDH / Matt Mor b2b Echion
Kitchen. Nino Sebelic / Kim Leclerc / Tina303

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