Vienna Worldwide w/ Pin - WARDA 20240419
Events Wien: Vienna Worldwide w/ Pin

19. April 2024

  • Beginn:23:00

Vienna Worldwide w/ Pin


Praterstrasse 18, 1020 Wien


After a long winter and excellent last episode in February we are more than happy to welocme you back at our beloved PRST for an extended Spring session with our dearest friends from near and far.
Please welcome „el nano“ de Valencia, Pin!! His endless work for the local scene in V is recorded for more than 20 years. Oven club is the heart of the underground music scene and with the legendary Spook club he continues the legacy of„Ruta del Bakalao“.
Also on board we welcome @KatiaCurie, @C12 & @Floer for their VIENNAWORLDWIDE debut.
No excuses lets continue the legacy and dance each others in shape for summer and festival season.
Our resident bodymover and peronals coaches @ apua & @stipo well support through the night.
Stay tuned @kopfbeifuss @vienna_worldwide
Artwork: @_michaelmarte

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