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8. September 2022

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Waves Festival 2022


Währinger Straße 59, Wien


Waves Festival is the city’s first club- and showcase festival.
In autumn music makers from all over the world and their works will be presented at Vienna’s most significant venues.
In addition to Waves Festival’s DNA-motto „East meets West“ a new focus from 2022 onwards will also deal with socio-political topics and problems. As part of the general theme Diversity, this year we will be looking at micro activism.
Additionally to the festival’s headquarter WUK, numerous artists from the genres Indie, Alternative, Electronic, Hip-Hop, Singer/Songwriter and Club Music will also perform at The Loft, Chelsea, Clash, Fanialive and Weberknecht. With at least six acts this year Waves Festival will present Canada as Guest of Honor.
The Waves Vienna Music Conference constitutes a part of the festival and offers the possibility to attend lectures and panels and participate in workshops.
🌊 Line-Up 2022 (updated regularly) 🌊
3:rma (SI)
a/lpaca (IT)
Aili (BE)
Alexandra Alden (MT)
Alice Low (UK)
Amelie Tobien (AT) @ Assim Live Acoustic Night
Anna Erhard (CH)
Another Vision (AT)
Arai (AT) @ Mom I Made It Night
Batbait (CH)
Benjamin Amaru (CH)
Berglind (AT)
Bibiza (AT)
Bipolar Feminin (AT)
Böbe (HU)
Boy With Apple (SE)
Bryan’s Magic Tears (FR)
Celia May (DE) @ Fanklub Stage
Christin Nichols (DE)
Christl (AT)
Disappeared Completely (UA)
Donkey Kid (DE)
Doppelfinger (AT)
Edward Hunt (DE)
Elena Steri (DE)
Elsa (AT) @ Assim Live Acoustic Night
Ennio (DE)
Farce (AT)
Finley Quaye (UK)
Florence Besch (DE)
Fran Vasilić (HR)
Girli (UK)
Jessy Lanza (CA)
Joko (FR)
Kahlenberg x Anna Mabo (AT) @ Goodlive Artists X Ticketmaster
Karin Ann (SK) @ Goodlive Artists X Ticketmaster
Kids Return (FR)
Kitana (AT) @ Mom I Made It Night
Kurs Valüt (UA)
Laundromat Chicks (AT)
Lawn Chair (DE)
Levin Goes Lightly (DE)
Lil Julez (AT)
Lisa Pac (AT) @ Warner Music Night
Liz Metta (AT)
Love A.M. (AT)
Low Island (UK)
Michael Moravek (DE) @ Fanklub Stage
Mike Edel (CA)
Minimal Schlager (DE)
Monako (DE)
Moncrieff (IE) @ Goodlive Artists X Ticketmaster
Motherhood (CA)
Musspell (HU)
Naima Bock (UK)
Nalan (DE)
Nelavie (AT)
Nosi (AT)
nothhingspecial (DE)
Nuha Ruby Ra (UK)
Old Mrs. Bates (AT)
Olgas Boris (AT) @ Fanklub Stage
Oskar Haag (AT)
Palffi (AT)
Paula Carolina (DE)
Philine Sonny (DE) @ Goodlive Artists X Ticketmaster
Plattenbau (DE)
Priya Ragu (CH) @ Warner Music Night
Pyra (TH)
Ragapop (UA)
Romc (AT) @ Assim Live Acoustic Night
Sahareya (SI)
Salò (AT) @ Mom I Made It Night
Sassy 009 (NO)
Shitney Beers (DE)
Skaar (NO)
Spiral Mind (SI)
The Hanged Man (SE)
The Haunted Youth (BE)
The Psychotic Monks (FR)
Toyota Vangelis (CZ)
Ultraflex (IS)
Umme Block (DE)
Vanille (CA)
Wallners (AT) presented by Universal Music Austria
Wilhelmine (DE) @ Warner Music Night
YATWA (AT) @ Fanklub Stage
Yves Jarvis (CA)
Zack Zack Zack (AT)
Date 08 – 10.09. 2020
WUK(Festival & Conference Centre), The Loft, Weberknecht, Fanialive, Chelsea, Clash etc.
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