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Events Wien: LIVE: Raindance Kid (GER) & Eric Arn (US)

22. Juli 2022

  • Beginn:20:00

LIVE: Raindance Kid (GER) & Eric Arn (US)


U-Bahnbogen 37, 1080 Wien


rhiz pres. LIVE:
Raindance Kid (GER)
Eric Arn (US)
Doors: 19.30 CEST
Admission: 10 EUR
Raindance Kid (GER)
Raindance Kid is a country noir and post rock band from Hamburg that has its roots in Americana, but keeps leaving the romantic, dusty paths of alternative country and exploring sound experiments between psychedelic rock and brute electric guitar ambience leaves.
RDK creates a sound that is more than the sum of its parts at every moment; Banjo, electric guitar, bass, violin, drums and vocals. Musical longing and poetic obsession are the stuff this band’s dreams are made of. And they are only too happy to share it with their listeners. Sweep them along in a hurricane of sound between violence and sensuality, between trance and ecstasy.
It is not for nothing that the neologism Country Noir is based on the classic cinema genre of Film Noir. The songs are always about the individual thrown back on himself, who sometimes has to defy the law of the wilderness as an outlaw and sometimes as a city neurotic who has to defy urban loneliness and encounter both the ecstasy and the oddities and abysses of human relationships. In this stylized sadness, at once a lyrical art space and symbolic world of inwardness, spirituality and poetic contemplation break through in a language interwoven with metaphors and allegories.
All the more surprising is the fine (self-)irony that comes to light again and again in the otherwise rather heavy and darkly romantic-looking lyrics.
The urge to explore and reinvent their sound, musical expression and their very own language drives this unusual band.
Raindance Kid does not cite emotions. RDK is emotionality that has become sound in its purest form.
Eric Arn (US)
finger style / american primitive guitar

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