Aly & AJ - A Touch Of The Beat Tour // Wien - WARDA 20220312
Events Wien: Aly & AJ – A Touch Of The Beat Tour // Wien

12. März 2022

  • Beginn:19:00

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Aly & AJ - A Touch Of The Beat Tour // Wien

Grelle Forelle

Spittelauer Lände 12, 1090 Wien


Barracuda Music presents
ALY & AJ – „A Touch Of The Beat Tour“
12.03. 2022 @Grelle Forelle
Tickets available: 14.05.2021, 10 Uhr at
Their first album in 14 years is called a touch of the beat gets you up on your feet gets you out and then into the sun, which is just right. This long and winding name befits their singular journey through music, a title full of rhythm and poetry, but with an ease and a brightness: All qualities that help define the newly independent sound of Aly & AJ. Having survived the slick, hyper-manicured pop sphere with their souls in tact, the Torrance, California-born duo—and lifelong musical collaborators—have transformed their sound into something looser and more personal.
Aly & AJ are now at a point where they can celebrate their unique past—“We’ve become these accidental TikTok queens,” AJ laughs—while staying true to a vision that feels right to them. In an inspiring turn, they even re-recorded “Potential Breakup Song,” ridding it of the AutoTune that defined so much 2000s pop and singing an explicit update of the lyrics (which their fans had been requesting for years). “It’s funny to have been making music together for so long, to be able to finish each other’s sentences and perfectly match our voices to each other,” Aly reflects. “Some people will ask, ‘Who’s singing on this?’ And it’s both of us: our third voice. We have a third voice that comes from my and AJ’s voices together.”
From the very beginning, “Pretty Places” captures that magic: “All we’ve got is us now,” Aly & AJ sing together, as this charged new music blooms into a glorious sprawl. It’s the best song of Aly & AJ’s career, an ode to autonomy and the beginning of a new chapter. On a touch of the beat, a “pretty” place is wherever you are with your person, where you can be yourselves together. “The basis of that song was: we can pack up, move, go anywhere, we can be in a whole other city tomorrow if we want,” Aly said. “We can change our whole destiny, our whole life,” and AJ finished her thought: “Nothing’s stopping us.”
12.03.2022, Grelle Forelle
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