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Events Wien: Austrian Apparel (DJ Set) & POLYXENE

30. Juli 2022

  • Beginn:22:00

Austrian Apparel (DJ Set) & POLYXENE

Vestibül (Burgtheater)

Universitätsring 2, Wien


Austrian Apparel
Austrian Apparel are known for their eclectic analogue Techno live sets. For Impulstanz they’ll replace their synthesizers and drum machines for turntables and usb sticks to present a special and rare DJ set. Starting off with an extended beatless intro to hint at their upcoming ambient release “Always There For You” (AA+ Records) they will gradually progress to the sounds that’ll make you dance and sweat all the way through your apparel.
POLYXENE is a dynamic, prolific DJ, cherished in Vienna but hailing from Athens.
With a sound engineering background, an insatiable digging habit and a sublime dancing energy, she knows how to raise eyebrows and to ignite the dancefloors. She usually spins a mix of electro, idm, acid and breaks but can’t help to spice things up with exciting new bass & leftfield techno. Some of the festivals she has performed are Elevate Festival (Graz), Hyppereality (Vienna), Ars Electronica (Linz, Austria), The Lighthouse Festival (Porec, Croatia). Last but not least, she is a former contributor of the platform Femdex and she currently has her monthly residency on Movement radio of Athens where she explores eclectic hour-long music journeys along with some of her favorite DJs.
Admission: 8€

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