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Events Wien: Balkan To Bollywood • Dunkelbunt Social Club •

20. Mai 2023

  • Beginn:21:00

Balkan To Bollywood • Dunkelbunt Social Club •

Fluc + Fluc Wanne

Praterstern 5, 1020 Wien


The DUNKELBUNT SOCIAL CLUB community is a loose scene of international musicians, DJs, club pros, soundscapers, radio makers, label gurus. They all have one thing in common: They live in the permanent adrenaline of club culture, and they mix the ethnic music of their forefathers with all kinds of crazy current vibes.
These Stage Compañeros meet during the Dunkelbunt Social Clubnights which is everything at once: world trip and friendship document, peace demo, groove selection and dream space.
Melt down, melt in – come in and rave!
Dunkelbunt [transglobal district]
Sid Data [wizard of ost]
Jimmy Rosas [Ost Klub DJ Kollektiv]
„MC“ Haider Khan [Ragastan Folk Brothers]
FLUC (upstairs)

Doors 9 p.m. – 5 a.m.

Timetable: starting from 9 p.m. they swap every 30 minutes to keep it fresh and groovy.
This DJ trio, was forged and reinforced during the good old days of Vienna’s legendary Ost Klub. They complement each other perfectly in sound and style. That night they play from 9 p.m. a bunch of eclectic and crisp back 2 back sets, swapping every 30 minutes, everything stays in flux, everything grooves, the dice are in the air, what’s next on the turntable? Oven-fresh beats from the Dunkelbunt studio and the sound kitchens of the wide world, but also the good old classics should not be missing. Guest of honor of the evening is Haider Khan from Jaipur, actually known for his tabla skills, but this evening he finds his place as master of celebration at the microphone.
They are on fire, from sunset to sunrise.
This year Ulf Lindemann celebrates the 25th anniversary of his project Dunkelbunt, which he founded in Hamburg at the age of 18. Before it eventually became his own alias, Dunkelbunt was the name of an electronic music platform and drum & bass event series Ulf launched with classmate Tim Kulke (a.k.a. Kool K) in 1998. After moving to Vienna in 2001, the drum & bass label Dunkelbunt Recordings in Hamburg remains with Tim Kulke. Ulf Lindemann, for his part, begins to appear as a producer, DJ and musician under the pseudonym [dunkelbunt].
The early instrumental roots of pianist Ulf Lindemann are jazz piano, boogie woogie and rag time. At the age of 16 he starts to DJ and produce electronic music. His musical preferences at that time are Jazz, Hip Hop, Jungle, breakbeats, Techno, Downbeat. Formative albums and role models are The Prodigy (Experience, Music for the jilted generation), St. Germain’s „Boulevard“, „Timeless“ by Goldie, or Kruder & Dorfmeister’s DJ Kicks compilation. After moving to Vienna, a completely new musical horizon opened up for him: the sounds and rhythms of the Orient and nearby Balkans, which were strongly represented in the city, captivated and inspired him to record his signature album „Morgenlandfahrt“, (between 2002 and 2005) with which he made a significant contribution to the music trends that were emerging at the time, such as „Balkan Beats“ and „Electro Swing“. After his international breakthrough in 2006, he regularly tours Europe, America, Australia, Africa and Asia. In the first years as a DJ and from 2011 also with his live band. In Vienna he organizes over 20 years countless events and concerts, which finally take place since 2022 under the label „Dunkelbunt Social Club“. Thus a circle closes to the beginnings of 1998 in Hamburg Altona.
Dunkelbunt is known as an ambassador for electronic world music. His albums are eclectic works with sound colors, languages and collaborators from all over the world and reached over 150 million streams on Spotify and other platforms. His ambition is to search for the unconsumed. He shows this in his sound design, DJ sets or as an instrumentalist. Besides his own compositions he remixes and produces for Fanfare Ciocarlia, Amsterdam Klezmer Band, Waldeck, Boban Markovic, A-WA, Protoje, Sara Lugo, Marie Soaemann, Dream Noir, Nese Karaböcek and many more.
He is currently producing the new album for the Amsterdam Klezmer Band. In the afternoons you can often meet him in Vienna’s Augarten, where he plays and sells vinyl with his bicycle trailer-integrated sound system.
Dunkelbunt DJ Mix – Bass of Asîa ➾…/samurai-trap-glitch…/

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