Balkan Tropical Swing Party ❍ Dunkelbunt ❍ Deladap ❍ Galletas Calientes - 09.09. FLUC - WARDA
Events Wien: Balkan Tropical Swing Party ❍ Dunkelbunt ❍ Deladap ❍ Galletas Calientes – 09.09. FLUC

9. September 2022

  • Beginn:20:00

Balkan Tropical Swing Party ❍ Dunkelbunt ❍ Deladap ❍ Galletas Calientes - 09.09. FLUC

Fluc + Fluc Wanne

Praterstern 5, 1020 Wien


Dunkelbunt Social Club presents BALKAN TROPICAL SWING
❍ Deladap [future swing]
❍ Dunkelbunt [transglobal electronic]
❍ Galletas Calientes [afro tropical]
❍ Jimmy Rosas [balkan beats]
Friday 9th September
FLUC (upstairs)
8 p.m. – 3 a.m.
15€ admission
The Dunkelbunt Social Club community is a loose scene of international musicians, DJs, club pros, soundscapers, radio makers, label gurus. They all have one thing in common: They live in the permanent adrenaline of club culture, and they mix the ethnic music of their forefathers with all kinds of crazy current vibes. These Stage Compañeros meet during the Dunkelbunt Social Clubnights which is everything at once: world trip and friendship document, peace demo, groove selection and dream space.
– Melt down, melt in – come in and rave! –
Band Biography DELADAP
The name Deladap means „Give me the beat“ – and its name is program to this Electro-Swing spur-heads founded in 2004 by Prague-born producer and MC Stani Vana in Vienna with musicians from all over the old Austrian monarchy.
While the genre Electro-Swing wasn’t even created DELADAP toured extensively in Europe with their unique sounds and beats developing what today could be best described as Urban-Gypsy-Jazz-Pop, fusing Gypsy-roots with modern EDM-beats and thereby creating a new type of Fusion-Pop, crossing borders both geographically as well as in ages of its audiences, both youthful and adult in its own ways.
Vana and DELADAP have constructed a richly-detailed, broad-palliated soundscape. It is soulful and sophisticated, yet uplifting and reflective throughout. With its frolicking hilarity mixed with occasional philosophical musings in its lyrics, in Vana’s world everything is possible.
DELADAP’s history is one of constant change, progression and the exciting search for its own unique version of pop. “I take one step forward and one step back/dance like crazy and I’m right on track/I’m a rocket on a mission, got no simple plan/just one big vision, people clap your hands,” they sing in “Merry Go Round.” Just like all pop music — indeed, all art — DELADAP want to bring people together on equal footing, get them to connect with each other and not necessarily tear down the artificial walls that separate us on various levels, but instead dance all over them. Omnipresent cultural pessimism is treated lightheartedly with their music.
The music of DELADAP is one you can lose yourself in — yet also find yourself. Indeed, dancing and singing along are among the most immediate and important reactions to DELADAP’s music:
Life is beautiful. Music is beautiful. Dancing is beautiful. All together now. Come on!
Founder of Galletas Calientes Records back in in 2004, Dj Galletas Calientes has worked as a DJ with the Parisian collective Mas I Mas since the mid-90s.
Dj techno and drum n bass at first, he is now into the fusion of folk music and electro. Since he moved to Colombia (2010), his musical culture and his productions have been enriched with Latin and tropical rhythms, and he’s been collaborating with leading labels and artists from the Colombian scene, and also from Ghana, Congo and Zimbabwe. Recently, his inexhaustible thirst for new exotic sounds has earned him recognition as a true ambassador of Latin music in Europe, where he tours regularly. We find all these influences in his sets: a delicious, timeless blend of Latin, African and Caribbean rhythms. Visit to find out more

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