Bass Cave & Shake it and Break it - Summer Special 2.0 ☼ - WARDA 20230818
Events Wien: Bass Cave & Shake it and Break it – Summer Special 2.0 ☼

18. August 2023

  • Beginn:15:00

Bass Cave & Shake it and Break it - Summer Special 2.0 ☼

Himmel & Wasser

Steinspornbrücke 1


Outdoor Stage Start: 15:00
Indoor Stage Start: 23:00
► DKAY (Metalheadz/Hospital)
► AUDIODEVICE b2b AZIZ (Contrast/Trife.Life! R.I.P)
► SEQUENT b2b INAYA (Amikal/Drumfabrik)
► LINJA (Dispatch/Sofa Sound)
► FRY (Upd8e)
► NORUS (Nu.Spectrum Recs)
► CLEO b2b MILLEKS (Daily One Hour)
► TEHACE / DAKINDL / TYLDAK (Shake it and Break it)
The Bass Cave and Shake it and break it crews are pleased to have a new date for our previously cancelled summer special, taking place at the exquisite Himmel & Wasser venue. We have gathered a number of different DJs from the scene who will delight you with an uplifting mix of rhythmic drum and bass on two floors. Join us for an unforgettable experience on the beautiful Danube River Island and have a good time with us!
Start: 15:00
Location: Himmel und Wasser
Steinspornbrücke 1, 1220 Wien
How to get there
U2 Donaustadtbrücke,
-> 92B: Raffineriestr./Biberhaufenweg
(every 15 min. 5 min. travel time)
-> on foot from U2, out of town to Steinspornbrücke,
approx. 25 min.
U1 Kaisermühlen,
-> 92B Raffineriestr./Biberhaufenweg,
(every 15 min. 15min travel time)
U1 & U2
->92A to Biberhaufenweg
(and then from Biberhaufenweg a bit of a walk – 15 min)
or by bike
simply cycle along the Danube Island in the direction of
Ölhafen Lobau.

Ride with us!

Immer gut unterwegs mit unserem WARDA CREWSLETTER!