Brothers + Friends - Birthday Special and a Farewell - WARDA 20210911
Events Wien: Brothers + Friends – Birthday Special and a Farewell

11. September 2021

  • Beginn:23:00

Brothers + Friends - Birthday Special and a Farewell

Sass Music Club

Karlsplatz 1, 1010 Wien


Hello Friends…!
My brother and I would like to invite you guys for this special Night.
We’ve to celebrate my brothers birthday, Philipp Blecha’s and my 40th anniversary (finally after the lockdown) and the farewell of our friend and companion Markus Lindner, who is moving back to his hometown.
To end this night well, we invited two more colleagues, 7 Citizens (Praterei) and Sith aka Verleger (better be nice).
Let’s make this night a special one…!
Loads of Love,
Maximilian and Thomas…
♬ 7 Citizens / PRATEREI
♬ Markus Lindner / Stadtpark Musik
♬ Maximilian Grün / Sunday Mornings
♬ Philipp Blecha / Club Pompadour
♬ Sith aka Verleger / Better Be Nice
♬ Thomas Grün / Untitled 100, Club Pompadour
Dear guests,
We are working with the already known Covid measures: 2G – PCR Tested, vaccinated.
Checks are made in front of the entrance.
All guests are required to register by QR code and / or sheet of paper at the cash desk.
We are aware of our social responsibility. We take the effects of the pandemic very seriously. We could be the first to close again.
We have installed UV-C room air disinfection devices especially for our guests in order to be able to offer you guests the greatest possible protection.
Nevertheless, we would like to recommend all vaccinated and recovered guests to have themselves tested in order to better combat the spread of the Corona Virus.
We are pleased that we can offer you club and bar culture again and that we can make our club a Save Space again.
All the best

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