Geier aus Stahl (live) - WARDA 20220702
Events Wien: Geier aus Stahl (live)

2. Juli 2022

  • Beginn:20:00

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Geier aus Stahl (live)


Brunnengasse 76/Top 3-5, 1160 Wien


Geier aus Stahl (live)
is a figure that appeared for the first time in 2016. He is a commissioner to investigate more detailed on questions of autonomy and destructive power relations. With the frequencies of both electronic and acoustic instruments Geier is weaving a flying carpet that he invites you on to have a discussion about the bridges between selective and collective consciousness. Leonard Prochazka born in Vienna, Austria started his musical path with playing the drums in his early years. Through that he started to understand groove as a connecting element between mind and body as well as his passion for splitting time rhythmically. Feeling alienated by the constant acceleration of surrounding correlations he manifests his own creative terminology through music and visual arts.
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