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Events Wien: Heavenphetamine (JPN) – Small Souki & T.B.T.B. (AT/GR)

13. September 2022

  • Beginn:20:00

Heavenphetamine (JPN) - Small Souki & T.B.T.B. (AT/GR)

Cafe Carina

Heavenphetamine (JPN):
The band is influenced by 60-70’s psychedelic rock, 80’s Post Punk and
Acid house mainly but is able to feel the Japanese musical element as
spice like “wasabi”.
Hiroki has been playing and composing in another band in Japan for more than 15 years. They toured in the UK in 2014. They played with Tom Hingrey from Inspiral Carpets on one of the gigs of the tour.
In Tokyo, their gigs were sold out many times and also 2 albums were
distributed widely. They have played in various events or festivals all over Japan. Hiroki & Sara moved to the Country of Georgia in 2021 September, and will be touring in Europe.
iTunes: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/heavenphetamine/1435857273
YouTube (Donation project song for oppressed people in Asia like Hong Kong, Myanmar, Uighur and Tibet, 32,000 views so far):
Small Souki & The Big Trouble Band (AT/GR):
experimental /grunge/psychedelic rock
In the rhyme of melancholic tunes, the blues flourish, the mirror is being put back together and the experiment begins.
Small Souki is a Greek musician/music-therapist and mathematician, who arrived in the multicultural Vienna to meddle the city’s consistency with the elements of the South, recreate musical patterns, opening the space to her guests, to explore the limits of their norms under changes in the musical background.
Together with the Big Trouble Band, they fuzz the air with melody and fusion in a lyrical trance.
Entrance with free donation
Part of the donations will be donated to Ukraine. 

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