Kenji Araki & Ganaël – hosted by Affine Records - WARDA
Events Wien: Kenji Araki & Ganaël – hosted by Affine Records

23. Juli 2022

  • Beginn:22:00

Kenji Araki & Ganaël – hosted by Affine Records

Vestibül (Burgtheater)

Universitätsring 2, Wien


Kenji Araki
Kenji Araki is a digital artist from Austria with roots in Japan. His works are primarily influenced by methods of deconstructing contemporary art and music. The exploration of genre and medium boundaries form the core of his artistic work. His works are simultaneously raw, futuristic and emotional. In June 2022, Kenji will release his debut album „Leidenzwang“ on Affine Records.
Ganaël is a musician, DJ and electronic producer from Vienna. His musical style is influenced by Electronica, Jungle and Hip Hop, but finds its own niche in the contemporary club movements. From apocalyptic soundscapes to polyrhythmic breakbeats to trance, Ganaël tries to break the boundaries between genres. In 2021 Ganaël finished his studies in electroacoustic and experimental music at the University for music and performing arts Vienna. Since 2015 he has performed in numerous locations & festivals in Austria, Luxembourg and Romania. His latest single GGGRRR was released in May 2022 via the viennese label Ashida Park.
Admission: 8€

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