Löwenzahn X Jessi H
Events Wien: Löwenzahn X Jessi H<3rz & Rui de Janeiro

12. Mai 2023

  • Beginn:23:00

Löwenzahn X Jessi H<3rz & Rui de Janeiro

Der Ponyhof

Sechshauserstraße 4, 1150 Wien


DEEP / MELODIC / RAVE / TECHNO all night long
Unsere Gäste:
Jessi H<3rz is a Vienna-based DJ and passionate raver. Through her enthusiasm for electronic music, she found her way to djing. With her energy and positive aura as well as her powerful music style – ranging from dark downtempo to melodic and progressive house/techno – she manages to inspire people on the dancefloor. Every party with her is definitely fun!
Having been a rocker all his life, Rui de Janeiro found the electronic side of life in 2019 and went on to make people dance through the beats of techno and house music. He started out experiencing in the duo @tech_no_vikings and later joined the collective @bunkermukke.
“The dirt and the melody need each other”.
AWARENESS & SAFETY | We are happy, consent oriented people who show zero tolerance to improper behavior. Please don’t hesitate to inform the bar staff or the doorman if you feel uncomfortable or see any harassment throughout the venue.
– Rui de Janeiro (Bunkermukke)
– 8€ < 24h > 10€

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