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24. Oktober 2022

  • Beginn:19:00

New Date! Alfa Mist // Wien

Grelle Forelle

Spittelauer Lände 12, 1090 Wien


Nova Jazz & Blues Nights present
24. 10. 22 @ Grelle Forelle, Wien
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Prioritising feeling over perfectionism. This is the credo that drives the restless creativity of multi-instrumentalist, rapper and producer Alfa Mist.
His latest endeavour, 2021’s Bring Backs, sees Alpha taking on new challenges. The record marks his first release for the label Anti and is also the most detailed exploration of his upbringing in musical form. The album’s nine tracks of groove-based intricacies, lyrical solipsism and meandering fragmentations are tied together by a remarkable poem written by Hilary Thomas expressing the sensuous realities of building community in a new country.
The album’s title also refers to an aspect of a card game Alfa would play as a child where the winner would only be decided after making it through an extra round without being brought back into the game. It is a feeling Alfa finds reflects his own experiences of success. “I live in this perpetual ‘bring back’ state where I can never really be sure that I’m doing as well as I am,” he says. “When you grow up where I did, you live in a sense of instability – you can be on doing ok for a while but that can change, you know that’s always a possibility.”
It might be a state of mind that could change, but until it does it only serves to motivate Alfa’s constantly searching musical mind, one that will no doubt continue to surprise and astonish.
24.10.2022, Grelle Forelle
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