Oh, That's Nice. x Off The Grid - WARDA 20210812
Events Wien: Oh, That’s Nice. x Off The Grid

12. August 2021

  • Beginn:14:00

Oh, That's Nice. x Off The Grid

Himmel und Wasser

Steinspornbrücke 1, 1220 Wien, Austria


Join us at Himmel Und Wasser. Really excited to play with the nice dudes from Off The Grid. Come by and be nice with us. Don’t forget one of the 3G’s but most importantly don’t forget your bathing suit and sun cream!
Our very own KutzKutz will be celebrating his birthday and dancing on rugs with deer on them. Pull up and bring him some nice cake and give him a nice hug and smooch.
On the Decks:
Dizzy Dee mischgeschick
Off The Grid Swimming Crew
Ra-B (fear le funk)
Oh, that’s nice is a sustainable cultural event, that merges different facets of music and visual arts. 
Its main ambition is to create and nurture and organise experience, that puts value on freedom, respect and diversity; as well as uniting micro communities within the world music hive mind.
The Oh, that’s nice crew consists of three multi-disciplinary artists, that share a mutual passion for music and a general aesthetics of vigorous flamboyant oddity. Our goal is to find Vienna’s most thrilling spots and manifest a summer oasis, a safe space that provides not only an impeccable party ambience, but also pays attention to the collective well-being.

Ride with us!

Immer gut unterwegs mit unserem WARDA CREWSLETTER!