Vienna Dubwise #18 -Double Spliff (IT) - WARDA 20221015
Events Wien: Vienna Dubwise #18 -Double Spliff (IT)

15. Oktober 2022

  • Beginn:21:00

Vienna Dubwise #18 -Double Spliff (IT)


Lerchenfelder Gürtel U-Bahn-Bogen 26, Wien


Dear friends and family,
the cozy season has just begun and we seize the opportunity to come together in front of the sound system to enjoy meditation, vibration and loud music 
For this episode we invited the talented Double Spliff crew from Italy with lyrical machine Mannaroman on the mic !
So if you’re up for hefty soundsystem treatment, well produced steppas or just some beers with friends, come along and meet us at loop Vienna!
_________Double Spliff_______
Double Spliff sound system is a reggae-dub sound from Italy (Marche), active since 2010.
In 2003 Papa Lele (founder & originator) brought reggae music for the very first time in his local area, thus creating the core of an emerging and lively underground music scene.
After meeting Mr. P (operator & producer) the two of them gave birth to the Sound System: the sound was built and their musical style switched from Dancehall to Uk steppas/dub; Mr. P is still one of the most renown Dub Siren and Preamp producer in Italy, widely known as top quality products; in 2015 Mannaro Man (M.C. & entertainer) joined Double Spliff crew, and in 2017 also Botta man (Selecta & soundman), and so the soundman crew took its final shape.
In 2019 the independent music label “Double Spliff Records” was founded, printing their very first 12” (BUN RIDDIM feat. Mc Baco, MannaroMan & Fahbro). 2020 saw the release of their second record, the 7” Shiloh Killer chune MI SLIM MI THIN feat. Mannaro Man, and the very same year they released their third vinyl, the 12″ NAH SURRENDA/LYRICAL FAYA feat. MannaroMan, Kali Green & Tiberias towa); 2021 began with the digital single I CAN’T BREATHE alongside Don Camilo (Mexico).
Double Spliff is a versatile musical reality, a soundman crew full of musical taste and contents, always pushing forward reggae/dub/steppa style, aiming to recreate the musical atmosphere usually found in Dub clubs while trying to cross traditional musical borders. They have collaborated with many international artists such as Brother Culture, Mighi-D( I-tal Soup) , Michael Exodus , Iration Steppa , Obf, Mc Baco , Kali green , Tiberias Towa ,Fahbro , Dark Angel , Don Camilo , Jules I , Rankin Delgado , Ras Mat I ,4weed records, while taking part to many Reggae/Dub festivals such as Bababoom Festival , Zion station , Castello Dub & Amsterdam weekender.
– Free Entry
– Donations supporting the artists
– 21:00-04:00
– Dresscode: You!

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