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10. November 2022

  • Beginn:18:30

Yoga:Magika w/ Nora Mazu


Bastiengasse 61, 1180 Wien


Yoga:Magika w/ Nora Mazu
4 x thursdays 18:30 -20:30
at Semmelweisklinik Vienna
A Magika evening a week to commit to a poetic journey within your SELF.
• balancing chakras with kundalini yoga, pranayama and Meditation
• little missions and hacks every week
• every week exploring a theme & processtime
Dates and topics:
10.11. ○ i am ○ stories about my self & my body
17.11. ○ i feel ○ narratives of emotions
24.11. ○ i will ○ parables about power & ego
till 21:00 – fireceremony after session
01.12. ○ i love ○ thriving with compassion – loveletters //
01.12. ○ Om ○ Soundhealing Session by Georg Palilis 20:30 – 21:30 (bring own blanket)
optional cura magika 3.12.
○ i am ○ [celebration]
Before the first session prapare to go on a journey within, to take this thursday evenings in november for your SELF :
1. take your body on a date – sauna, massage or a hot nice bath.
2. Buy a journal and a nice pen and bring it to the session
3. Take some time to travel to Semmelweisklinik – make it part of the journey as you go out of your everyday radius and the inner city into a calm place in nature. Please come 15 minutes before the class, some warm tea waits for you.
Magika provides Mats for you, if you get easily cold bring a blanket for the endrelaxation.
You can celebrate your journey on our Cura Magika Event on 3.12. for a special price:
T I C K E T S 
• Bundle Commit & Celebrate:
4 Yoga Sessions +1 Soundhealing + Cura Magika (3.12.)
120 € // für Klub:Magika Members: 99 €
• Bundle Commit:
4 Yoga Sessions +1 Soundhealing
95 € // Klub:Magika Members: 80 €
Drop in possible/ Single Session Ticket:
€ 20 // Klub:Magika Members: € 18
Reserve your spot:
please pay cash at the class.

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