FREEKIND. x SLADEK @Kramladen, Wien - WARDA
Events Wien: FREEKIND. x SLADEK @Kramladen, Wien

15. Juli 2022

  • Beginn:20:00

FREEKIND. x SLADEK @Kramladen, Wien


U Bahn Bogen 39-40, 1080 Wien


Two of the finest R&B bands are sharing the stage within a club concert series!
Entry: 15€ – tickets available at doors only – first come first serve.
The soulful group is composed of Croatian pianist and vocalist SARA ESTER GREDELJ and Slovenian drummer NINA KOROŠAK-SERČIČ. Their songs carry a strong message of love and hope, complemented by R&B and JAZZ grooves.
Soul is a term that is very open for interpretation. The Austrian based band SLADEK is dedicated to exploring this genre’s range and versatility within their own sound. Formed in 2017, the band consists of lead singer and guitarist David Sladek, Florian Muralter on bass and Raphael Vorraber on drums. They released their debut-album ‚daydreamin‘’ in spring 2019. Together with their follow-up EP ‚Fabricated Reality’ released in early 2022 the band delivers their personal conception of modern Soul and R’n’B.

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