OPEN AIR ★ Tropical Thunder - WARDA 20210820
Events Wien: OPEN AIR ★ Tropical Thunder

20. August 2021

  • Beginn:14:00

OPEN AIR ★ Tropical Thunder

Himmel & Wasser

Steinspornbrücke 1


You can find us in the tropics somewhere between the Port of Indecision and Southwest of Disorder. No GPS works here. Palm trees provide the camouflage. Passports are not required. Island music rules.
Meet us at the thatched roof bar or simply come to Himmel und Wasser!
Kick off to better times.
We are happy to announce our first (and not last) event this year at Himmel und Wasser.
There is possibly no better way to start into this beautiful day with breakfast after a juicy Yoga session.
The Tropical Thunder crew has grown.
New members with new extraterrestrial sound.
We dug all around the world to provide you with international forgotten gems with the typical tropical thunder vibe.
From the Balearic sound to Funk, Disco, Afro Beat and everything from the 80s and 90s, what makes you dance together through the night.

Ride with us!

Immer gut unterwegs mit unserem WARDA CREWSLETTER!